Purity Brewing Co

Brewing a broadband recipe for success

Established in 2005, Purity Brewing Co. has grown into an award-winning craft brewery with a well-known brand and a range of six beers under their belt.

Purity pride themselves on being based on a working farm in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, practicing environmentally friendly and enriching brewing.


the problem

Whilst being based in the beautiful countryside has so many benefits, it often means that the likes of broadband services are poor – a real problem for businesses in today’s marketplace.

“We used a BT line and an Entanet line for broadband prior to Airband – we were struggling with speeds and sporadic connectivity.”

Purity found themselves positioned far from a telephone exchange, meaning that their broadband speeds were limited to a less than adequate 2Mbps, hindering the potential for operational and digital enhancements to the business.


the solution

Within a matter of days, Airband installed the equipment and began to provide Purity Brewing Co. with a dedicated Airband leased line connection of 30Mbps.

“We had considered leased lines before, however, cost was prohibitive. A neighbour recommended Airband and we decided to install last year.

From the period of having Airband, we have experienced at least two BT-related situations which would have caused our business significant issues. We were able to route our phones via the internet and had continued use of the internet.”


Purity brewery

true success story

Just days after installing the Airband solution and putting in place a backup VoIP system, a tree came down onto the telephone line, leading to the BT telephone system being down for weeks.

This proved to be no problem at all though, as the VoIP system kicked in straight away, directing all calls through the internet connection rather than the telephone line, meaning that Purity had no downtime at all.

In fact, this proved to be such a success that Purity now use VoIP as their primary telephone system!

View the case study PDF here.