SouthCo Worcester


Southco is a global leader in access hardware solutions, with 2,300 employees operating in 22 countries worldwide including an increasing presence in emerging markets in Brazil and India.

It has a global footprint of technical sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing operations, offering over 75,000 products to meet customers’ design needs.

Active in the marine, automotive, construction, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors, Southco prides itself on overcoming engineering challenges with innovative solutions.

Simon Hunt, IT Manager Europe, Southco Manufacturing Ltd: “Our Worcester headquarters are home to a multi-lingual call centre which covers the whole of Europe, as well as state-of-the-art engineering, research and development teams which support our 70,000-strong, international customer base. A full manufacturing facility producing components and products for global consumption also operates on-site.

“With 250 staff based in our Worcester offices and 80 per cent of our business overseas, resilient, secure and rapid communications systems are vital elements of our day-to-day operations. Our IT circuit is also used by a second UK manufacturing site, a design office in Germany and our European salesforce which places further demands on the system.

Southco Products“As the global leader in engineering and production of access hardware solutions, it’s imperative to use innovative technology to keep abreast of customer demands and ahead of the competition. As big data and cloud based applications are becoming the business norm, we need to provide the best-in-class infrastructure, services and systems to really add value.

“In this context, we have worked with Airband on two separate occasions to resolve IT challenges. Firstly, we introduced a broadband solution to our Worcester premises over 10 years ago and soon afterwards, invested in a line of sight back-up system. In 2012 we experienced a tenfold increase in our internet usage and urgently required an upgraded and future-proof IT solution.

The Airband team confidently led the way, implementing a resilient solution that offers more bandwidth at no additional cost.

Airband designed and installed two links – one for everyday use and a second as a back-up link for redundancy. The Airband team confidently led the way, implementing a resilient solution that offers more bandwidth at no additional cost.

“The system means that we are covered for all eventualities, can always provide top level service and meet our customers’ requirements. It has been so successful that we are now looking at rolling out similar technologies in facilities in other regions.”