Browse some frequently asked questions below. If you have any more questions, please get in touch.

  • What hardware is installed onsite and will you need a transmitter on any surrounding land?
    The install includes a wireless receiver the size of a dinner plate being fixed to your building, this will have line of sight to our transmitter. In some cases we might need to find a suitable point to relay the connection to you from our network so knowing a land owner close by can be an advantage.
  • What is the typical latency we can expect?
    The latency of our wireless links are sub 5 ms back to our router, therefore you’ll be seeing below 20 ms on your closest speed test server
  • Does the internet connection terminate to an ethernet connection that we can plug into our network?
    Yes, we present you with a RJ45 connection (network cable) that goes into your ‘cable router’
  • We tried 4G and had issues with the amounts of users on the connection, we were advised that it would be max 5 people to be stable. Are there any similar issues with the amounts of users/connections on your service?
    Airband’s leased line connections have no contention so the service doesn’t degrade as more people get connected. The contention on our standard business broadband connections are around 20% therefore on a 20 Mb connection you will see your speed float around 16 Mbps at most of the times.
  • With the government voucher schemes do we need to pay for the installation?
    If you are eligible for a grant you only need to pay the VAT element to us when you get installed. You can claim this back on your VAT return.