Rise of Broadband in the Tourism Industry as tourists want to stay connected

For many when looking for somewhere to visit having WiFi is becoming an expectation. If you are in the tourism industry having a presence online and good WiFi for your guests is the way forward.

With the increase in smartphone’s people are connected for the vast majority of the time and it is now becoming a necessity for businesses to keep up with the demand.

Why people will seek out a holiday with WiFi
From social media lovers to over-worked business owners, some people just have a need to be connected to the internet. Whether people are after an adrenalin fuelled break, a relaxing pamper or just a break with the family, they want to let their social media followers know what they are doing and where they are. With searching for directions, checking reviews on local restaurants, searching for activities or just to download and watch movies on a rainy day, people just want to be connected.

The advantages of broadband to a small tourism business
The majority of leisure activities are researched and booked online and along with a growing trend in people not planning their breaks and just driving somewhere on a whim, it is now becoming more vital for businesses to be online and show their availability in real-time.

Broadband can offer greater efficiency with booking systems, automating online tasks and getting you much closer to your customers enabling you to respond to queries within minutes.

By offering WiFi for your visitors you can encourage them to post social media updates, ‘check-in’ so people know where they are and upload photos of their experience therefore spreading your name. You can also encourage people to write reviews and boost your reputation and online presence – after all, 77% of people search for online reviews before committing to buying anything.

Being rural is not a reason to miss out!
Generally speaking, the vast majority of rural retreats are secluded for a reason, but with the demand for WiFi ever increasing, as a business it is something you need to take into consideration. Unless you are close to an exchange you are going to struggle to get the fast speeds your visitors require, but don’t panic! Airband provides fast internet in areas that others can’t reach, and could be the answer to your poor broadband problems. With varying packages and a determination to do everything we can to get you a connection, we’re sure to be a great solution for your business. Fill in our quick and easy enquiry form and we’ll be in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat.