Broadband Redundancy Solutions



We understand that every business needs to ensure against internet connection failure, especially as businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on the Cloud.

Airband uses a mixture of wireless, fibre and ADSL technology to ensure physical and total redundancy. If one service is disrupted, you are assured of a reliable internet connection though another route.

The Airband solution provides two way connectivity to ensure total redundancy and shared bandwidth by load balancing.

Airband Business Packages


Airband Community Internet has changed the way The River School operates on so many levels. Housed in a Grade II listed building over the years we have been plagued by poor internet access and limited WiFi connection. Exemplary service, quality staff and a ‘can do’ approach has transformed our way of working, for both pupils and staff! We can’t recommend them enough!

Carol Parry, Head at River School

Getting speeds of up to 30MB, A lot quicker than before, it is an excellent service!