VoIP – we know a man who can

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Airband is whether we provide a VoIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol) network as an alternative to the traditional phone line. We don’t. And until now we’ve been reluctant to recommend another, having not found one that we felt provided a high enough quality of service.

That was until we tried Foehn. We have been so impressed with their innovative service, both in terms of product and customer care, that we now have the Foehn VoIP system at Airband and have joined forces with them (in a non-formal capacity) to promote them as our recommended VoIP provider for SME businesses.

Foehn is a leading ‘communication systems integrator’, essentially, they deliver IP telephony and contact centre solutions, with complete 24/7 support.

They specialise in bespoke IP and open sources technology and create solutions for your specific needs, be that onsite equipment or telephony in the cloud, flexibility for remote or office working or the ability to scale up or down. In short, they have an unrivalled ability to integrate with your legacy environments.

Importantly, and in line with the Airband ethos, their service is also less costly than proprietary platforms, so you get a much better return on investment.

If our wireless broadband provides a cost effective alternative to fixed-cable solutions, then Foehn provides the same for the traditional public switch telephone network. So now, if we’re asked about a phone service, we still don’t do it with an Airband badge, but we’ll happily recommend it from the guys at Foehn.